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Vin and I went up North to visit some friends. They are an older couple, they are amazing. Claire has written several books, owned a couple shops and on and on and on. Bill is an engineer and is BRILLIANT. The house they are living in now was designed and built by them. There is so much magic there. We listened to Native American music on their kick ass stereo system while drinking wine and chatting while Claire zipped around the kitchen. They had a friend over that had just lost a wife to breast cancer:C There is so much to say and words will only ruin it so if you would like to look at some pictures of my day, here they are!!!

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I want to keep my old limbs alive, so I'm posting in my old LJ for shits and giggles. One thing I forgot to bring up in last nights post was that I damaged my car:C I was backing up, it was dark, there wasn't much room and I hit a rock wall. It wasn't bad, it just pulled my bumper off a little bit. Easy to fix but it just PISSED me off. I have been driving for 13 years and have never been in an accident. Crikey!!! OH. And I had a folder of all my important documents in my car...well they got wet from the storm so they are drying on the table. I will need to have a bunch of them replaced because the watermark is gone:C Other than that everything is fine. I'm going in for another scrape tomorrow. FUN TIMES YA'LL

Oh, and to all my old lj friends that haven't caught on yet, I have a new journal. You can find me over here...

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So, I'm pissed. I guess I can't upload anymore pictures on my account because it says my disc is full. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???????????????????????????

Can anyone please explain this to me?
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Stinkin Parsley!!!!!!!

I went to the market to buy CILANTRO. Some asshole put parsley in the CILANTRO basket so I have parsley now instead of CILANTRO:C I know that this is partially my fault because I didn't inspect it but would think people would put the correct produce in the correct basket!
I would not be so pissed of if this wasn't the 85428421 time this happened to me>:C